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About Spirit Bear Photography

Spirit Bear Photography celebrates Mother Nature, including mankind's involvement, using a large format (8x10 film) camera and digital SLR cameras. I also do contract work for primarily outdoor events and projects

My goal is to help people love nature a little more so we take better care of this old earth. Quality photos of nature and mankind's involvement with nature will help raise awareness of the beauty of the world, simply by being seen over and over again. I hope you will enjoy our sample photos and contact me to see more. The profits will enable me to continue to capture nature's special gifts to share with you for many years to come.

Spirit Bear Photography is owned and operated by Jerry Kaiser of Frederick, CO. I am the primary photographer but sometimes feature photos by other people, especially talented amateurs who don't have a venue to show off their work. This website was also developed by me. Constructive input is always appreciated. All photos are copyrighted by the photographer listed or by Jerry Kaiser if photographer is specifically not listed.

Large Format Photoslargeformat

The use of the large format camera allows me to produce very large photographs of excellent quality that are not yet readily achievable by digital photography. Digital photography is a much more cost effective way of producing photographs, but it cannot produce extra large high quality photographic prints. High quality photos in excess of 10 feet are achievable with the large format system.

I use an Arca Swiss 8x10 film camera. The film is a color transparency (like a slide but much bigger) that is drum scanned to produce the prints. We can drum scan to very high resolutions for the very large photos. The level of the scan is derived by the size of the desired print and the amount of fine detail in the photo. I currently do not shoot black and white.

The large format is outstanding for taking still shots of nature, such as landscapes. However, as much as I love the quality and huge size of my large format photos, the camera does have limitations. It is heavy and with all the gear is not readily backpackable. It would be very difficult, if not impossible, to have the camera in motion to take a quality picture. Shutter speeds are necessarily fairly slow since you have a big lens and tiny aperture to get all the light through and onto the large film. This makes wildlife photography very difficult unless the animal chooses to stand very still.

A little info on the two photo shown here: The guy with the camera is me (Jerry Kaiser). The photo under the hood was taken in Canyonlands and the photo of me working on a closeup of a Fishhook Cactus was taken near Hole in the Rocks, Utah (put your cursor on the photo to see the second photo). Photographer is Linda Kaiser

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Contact information:

Spirit Bear Photography, LLC

Jerry Kaiser (photographer/owner/operator/janitor/etc etc)

(970) 290-7807


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The large format photos are taken using 8" by 10" sheet film. The film then has to be developed, drum scanned, and carefully photoshoped to look just like the transparency, and then printed. The sensitivity level of drum scanning determines the size of the print that can be made without losing clarity.

Currently prints up to 60 inches wide are available on a "photo quality" printer. Prints can be made considerably wider (up to 12 feet) using a very good quality printer (still called a four color printer but it is considerably better than the older 4 color printers), but not quite a photo quality printer. Prints can be made on a wide variety of media including gloss, luster, and matte photo paper, canvas, vinyl, and others.

Typical pricing for a large format print is:

24x30 $395, 32x40 - $770, 40x60 - $1450, 48x60 - $1700

Note - Commercial and Quantity discounts are available

Prints are typically mounted with a clear laminate placed over the print. The laminate is UV resistant and can be cleaned with window cleaner and a soft rag. This allows a glassless mount since the glass for a a large print, like a 48x60, would be quite heavy. Typical matting and framing is also available.

It is fairly common to crop large format prints to get just the piece you want, so prints can come in a variety of sizes. I can give you the dimensions of any of the photos below and can crop or add from the originals to meet a specific size request. A full, uncropped print is obtained by using the same multiple for each dimension of the transparency. My transparencies are 8"x10" so 24x30 (multiplied by 3), 32x40(multiplied by 4), 36x45(multiplied by 4.5), or 48x60(multiplied by 6) are all examples of uncropped photo sizes. Several of the photos below were cropped top and bottom and are longer compared to their height than the other photos.

Here are some samples of large format photos available to print. I have several hundred others (in transparency form) that can be viewed on a light table. Please contact me and I can arrange to show you the transparencies and some of my large prints that I keep for taking to show to people. I typically have a three 48x60's, one 40x60 and several 24x30's or 36's available to show.

Big Thompson River Sunrise Ouzel Falls


Mesa Arch at Sunset Fall colors on the Poudre River


Wildflower field on the CO Flattops Rocky Mt Park Sunrise


1909 Chalmers Detroit in the fall Moonset over the Mummy Range


Sunset at Canyonlands Columbines by log

Columbines by log Columbines by log

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Digital SLR Photos

The use of digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) photos allows for a much wider range of photographs. The digital cameras allow me to obtain photographs of items that are very hard to obtain with the large format camera. The digital cameras are light weight and can shoot with a far wider range of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc than the large format camera.

The drawback to the digital cameras, and one reason for using the large format camera, is the size of very clear pictures that can be produced. The digital world is improving rapidly and hopefully someday it will be possible to capture the large format photos digitally also

Categories of Digital Photos


This section of photos is all about flowers of all kinds that are found in the wild. Domestic flowers are found under the "Mankind's Influence" section of this website. Wildflower photos are primarily taken with the digital camera since the large format camera is not as conducive to close-up photography as I would like.

Wildflower photographs are from the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains, Canyon Country, and the Great Southwest Deserts. The photographs are the close-ups and near close-ups of wildflowers. Wildflowers as part of a landscape shot, are found under the Landscapes section. Every effort is made to correctly identify the wildflower, but constructive input about possible errors is also appreciated..

A little info on the two photos shown here: The white Columbine was taken near Kebler Pass west of Crested Butte, CO. The Asters were taken on the CO flattops near Meadow Lake (put your cursor on the photo to see the second photo).

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This section of photos features landscapes. My definition of landscapes includes sunrises/sunsets, clouds, and rainbows, as well as the more typical "landscape" views of this great earth we live on. These photos are also from the Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, Canyon Country, and Great Southwest Deserts. I hope to continue to add photos from many places but my concentration will be on the American West.

My landscapes are shot during all 4 seasons of the year and in all weather. Some of my more popular photos are of the red rocks canyon country in snow. Fall colors can be very nice in the rain and snow too.

Landscapes are the forte of the large format camera, but also turn out very nicely from the digital SLR. The photos in this section are from the SLR. Please see the Large Format section for the non digital camera photos.

A little info on the two photos shown here: The fall colors were taken west of Crested Butte and the ridge in the background is called the Dyke. The moonrise was taken in the Colorado National Monument (put your cursor on the photo to see the second photo).

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CRITTERS OF ALL TYPESwings and 4 legged

This section of photos includes photos where wildlife is a feature of the photo. This wildlife includes any living critter such as birds, butterflies, bugs, big game, little critters, and even critters that slither.

Nearly all of my critter pictures are taken with the digital camera since motion is a common occurrence and the large format camera is not conducive to fast shutter speeds. This is especially true if the camera itself is in motion to track the critter (like birds in flight). Now that digital cameras are improving so well, I plan to increase my wildlife photography. I make every effort to not disturb the critters, especially mothers with young ones.

A little info on the two photos shown here: The Mule Deer fawn was taken on the east side of the LaSal Mts in Utah, and the Raven was taken in Canyonlands National Park. He was very friendly until he figured out I don't feed wildlife (put your cursor on the photo to see the second photo).

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This section of photos includes photos that feature mankind's mark on nature. Man uses the earth quite carefully sometimes and very abusively at other times. I try to present the old and the new, the good and the bad, and everything in between as subjectively as I can. I like to show nature and mankind's influence in the same photo whenever possible.

The photos about mankind's influence on nature are presented for the interesting content and are not meant to present an opinion by Spirit Bear Photography one way or another. Everyone has an opinion and we live in a great country where we can voice our opinion, or not, as we see fit. I do not feel my photography web site is the appropriate forum for anything but presenting pictures for others view and enjoy as they see fit.

A little info on the two photos shown here: The barn and windmill were taken SW of Scottsbluff Nebraska. The "Hanging Flume" was taken near Uravan Colorado and has a fascinating story in the history of the Uncompagrhe area of Colorado (put your cursor on the photo to see the second photo).

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I do contract photography work for outdoor events such as weddings and family reunions, as well as documentation of construction and restoration work. Typically I take the photographs, edit the photographs, and turn over DVD's of the photos including the edited files in TIF and JPG formats. I also include the camera RAW files. I do not heavily edit pictures but will remove undesired items such as a power line, clean any dust spots, fix exposures slightly, and other needed items. I use high end Nikon digital SLR cameras and lenses for this work.

I can provide inkjet prints up to 24" by as much as 10'. I typically use "Picture This...Superior" in Lafayette, CO for mounting pictures on glassless mounts with a great UV laminate to protect the print (washable with window cleaner also). See picturethissuperior.com for the types and costs of the various mounts they offer. I can also work with your favorite framing shop if you prefer.

I was a Civil Engineer for over 28 years before I switched to photography full time. I have been a serious photographer since I was a teen. Most of my engineering experience has been in Construction Management for projects involving industrial/commercial construction and environmental remediation. I am very familiar with construction safety rules and can safely wander around a construction site and take photographs without interfering with the work force. Documentation of construction projects is important, especially on projects that involve demolition and reconstruction, such as restoration of old buildings. My construction experience will allow me to quickly grasp the scope of the project and understand the important issues that need quality photography for documentation.

Outdoor events are sometimes hard to photograph due to lighting issues. I have a thorough understanding of outdoor photography, including lighting and changing weather and can successfully record your event. If you are planning an event such as a wedding, I can perform all of the photography and give you DVD's of all the photos to use as you want. This can result in considerable savings since all I charge is for this type of shoot is my hourly rate and direct expenses. I can also take part in the printing process if desired. I do not do video work at this time, only photographs. Note:If you are having a traditional indoor wedding and want the traditional indoor posing with the high priced printing, etc I am probably not your best choice. We do some of the traditional posing as part of a shoot, but my main effort is to record the event in it's entirety, including all the people, the location, the weather, the scenery, and everything associated with helping you remember the event in future years. That is also why I give you DVD's of all of your pictures not a selected few!

My rates are $75/hr for myself and an additional $25/hr for a helper if required. This includes all of the photographic equipment. Expenses are things such as mileage, lodging, and travel time. I am careful with expenses and if the event is combined with a good outdoor photo opportunity for me, I do not charge travel time or mileage. For example I shot a wedding in late July in the San Juan Mts. I stayed in a room paid by the wedding party and ate their food, I thencontinued my trip in the mts to chase my real passion of landscape photography. In this case my travel expenses were zero! I also include 5 minutes of Photoshop time for each photo for editing and DVD writing. This usually results in zero or near zero additional time for the Photoshop work.

If the large format camera is desired it costs an additional $20 for each picture taken which only includes the color transparency not scanning or printing (that's my cost for film and developing).

Large Format Gallery/Store;

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Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

What Personal Information We Collect:

As set forth in more detail below, Spirit Bear Photography, LLC ("Spiritbearphotography.com" or "We") collects personal information that you provide when using the Spiritbearphotography.com website ("Site"). 

When you make a purchase from Spiritbearphotography.com, we collect your name and payment method information, such as credit card information. We collect this information in order to bill you for your purchase. We also collect information that allows us to ship your order. This includes the name, address and phone number of the intended recipient(s).

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How You Can Decide What Communications You Receive From Us:

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If you have questions or comments about this privacy policy, please contact us in any of the following ways

E-mail Jerry @spiritbearphotography.com

Phone - 970-290-7807

This Privacy Policy was last updated on June 17, 2009. Please check our Privacy Policy periodically for changes.

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Returns Policy
All merchandise purchased from Spiritbearphotography.com may be returned by mail, UPS or Fed Ex within 30 days of receiving it.  Additional guidelines are also noted below. You must contact us prior to returning an item, and let us know the reason it is being returned and when it will be shipped to us.  Payment of return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. If the return is for damaged items, defective items, or for errors on our part, we will issue a credit when the item is received.

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